Fastified Approved Products and Resources
Fastifier Secrets
*Everything You need To Know About KETO
*Learn about Fasting and why its a must
*Learn how our bodies actually work
*Why you can lose weight without exercise
*Weight Loss Secrets Made Simple
*How to tie everything together and implement
Fastifier Keto Cookbook
*100 Simple Ketogenic Recipes
*Color Coded By Type of Meals
*Macros Included In Every Recipe
*Pictures Included In Every Recipe
*Ranked From Highest Calories to Lowest
*Meals, Side Dishes, Drinks, Desserts
30 Day Personalized Meal Plan
*Ketogenic Meal Plan Customized To YOU
*Comprehensive Video with Instructions
*Resting and Active Meal Plans
*Custom Meals to Your Liking
*Personal Body Statistics
*Everything Tailored To Your Lifestyle and Goals
Fastified Intense Energy
*Prolonged/Intermittent Fasting Safe
*Ketogenic Lifestyle Safe
*No Artificial Sweeteners
*No Artificial Dyes or Preservatives
*Take for Energy or Pre-Workout
*No Fillers (No Exceeding one Scoop) 30 Servings
10 Pound Keto Challenge
*30 day accountability and coaching program
* Keto Challenge Starter Kit
* 10 Pound Keto Challenge Members Area
* 50 Keto & Fasting Videos
* 20 Complete Keto Meal Plans
* Exclusive Challenge Support Group
Please Note: All of the products I recommend are vetted and “Fastified Approved”. Some products may contain affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission if you purchase. This does not change the price for you in any way. I only recommend top-quality products that I would use myself.
Approved Products (I Personally Use)
Redmond Real Salts
I use real salts for everything. Our electrolytes are extremely important and when you consume them they should be organically taken care of not put through processing. These guys are locally in Utah and I approve.
Keto Krate Box
I have tried multiple different boxes that give you a variety of different keto snacks to try but Keto Krate stands above everybody. There customer service top notch and they prove its about the customer not the profits.
Keto Mojo Blood Testing
During keto I like to know where my ketone levels are and during long periods of fasting I like to keep an eye on my blood sugar levels. Keto Mojo has both of these priorities for myself locked in. There equipment is way better than what you find in stores, love there products.
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