Tired of struggling with KETO, becoming DISCOURAGED, and just ready to QUIT!
Discover how to never feel that way again...
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Everything you could possibly need when it comes to understanding Health, Weight Loss, The Ketogenic Lifestyle and Fasting... Doesn't matter if you're just starting or been at it for a while, this experience will guide you on the path while destroying every struggle you've ever encountered in the past.
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The 30 Day KETO Challenge ($997 Value)
It's hard enough walking this journey alone, trying to find what information is correct and which one is false! Discover how to lose weight in just 30 days without counting calories, buying supplements or even having to exercise! This challenge will give you EVERY TOOL you need, while providing you 1 on 1 coaching from Tyler "Fastifier" Clark every single day! Tyler will also hold you accountable everyday for 30 days while teaching you everything you need to know over the course of 30 days to make you an expert on what you've got to do to help yourself and others for the rest of your life!
 30 Days worth of morning videos by Tyler "Fastifier" Clark
 30 Day Accountablility Program (2-3 Personal Messages Daily)
 Printable documents to give you the perfect 30 day plan to execute...
 All tools provided to ensure a successful 30 day transformation...
 Before & After Submissions For The "Fastifier Weight Loss Award"
Every Question Answered
24/7 Fastifiers Coaching Desk ($197 Value)
We do not want you becoming overwhelmed, confused or not understanding something that may arise... We have a fully operational support desk that gives you a helping hand at every step in your health and weight loss journey...
 Complete help desk full of answers for your questions...
 Submit a ticket with any question or concern we can help with...
 Chat with us when we are live with any question or concerns you may have...
Never come up with a meal plan ever again
Complete Weekly KETO Meal Plans ($147 Value)
Every week we will drop a new Meal plan that includes, 7-9 Simple Recipes and a shopping list to prepare you for the grocery store. All prepared to print on demand.
 Complete Meal Plans: Designed With Food, Instructions and Macros...
 Matching Shopping List: Making The Grocery Store Trip Super Easy...
 Matching Recipe Booklet: With Pictures, Ingredients, Macros and Directions...
No More Complicated Explanations
Quick, Simple and Effective Video Trainings ($97 Value)
This is the Fastifier video trainings, there will be videos loaded constantly that are short, simple but extremely effective to help you with every aspect of your health and weight loss journey.
 2-3 Minutes Long
 Complicated Subjects Turned To Simple Explanations...
 A Way Of Learning Thats Quick and Will Last a Lifetime...
Discover real research without doing it yourself
Non Biased & Non Sponsored Research ($67 Value)
You will have access to all non-sponsored and non-biased scientific research that proves everything we have ever been taught was a lie. This will be constantly updated as we uncover more and more.
 Thousands of hours spent digging up non sponsored research...
 Scientific Articles That Have Been Silenced By Big Food & Beverage Companies...
 Non Biased Scientific Research That Will DEBUNK Everything Your Friends and Family Try To Say About KETO and FASTING...
Exact Blueprints To Succeed
Printable Fastifier Tools ($37 Value)
You will have access to printable tools that will help you with every aspect of your health and weight loss journey. These are constantly updated with new forms to choose from.
 Tools To Keep You On Track...
 Printable Sheets To Hang on the refrigerator or in the office...
 Tools To Help Destroy Any Struggle Your Going Through...
Secrets That Were Never Taught To You
Weekly Facts, Tips and Motivation ($19 Value)
There will be weekly updates of Facts, Tips and Motivation to help you at every point of your health and weight loss journey.
 Facts aiming to teach you something you may of never knew...
 Tips giving you a solution on fixing or helping the Fact Given...
 Motivation to keep yourself accountable to not falling into the traps that are set up for you...
No More Conflicting Information or Negative People
Exclusive Fastifier Lifestyle Community (Priceless)
This group is exclusive and you are only allowed access if you are a member. This will be a safe place where you can feel comfortable in expressing yourself freely on your health and weight loss journey while being lifted up and supported by others.
 An Exclusive Group Of Fastifiers Aiming To Achieve The Same Health And Weight Loss Goals As You...
 A Safe Place Where You Don't Have To Worry About Negativity Or Demonization From Others For What Your Trying To Achieve...
 A Place That You Will Get Mentored And Helped By A Certified Fastifier Lifestyle Coach...

100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

It will definitely take some dedication, but if you stick with it, I am so confident that you will see the results you are looking for - just like so many others before you - that I'm willing to let you try out the experience for the full 30 days! If you aren't completely satisfied with how far you've come,  I will refund you 100% without hassle...
**The picture above illustrates how much money you will be saving by joining the "Fastifier Lifestyle Experience" Now you don't have to quit going to the gym if you are currently doing so, the experience is just letting you know you don't have to. These numbers can also be a lot more or less depending on how you currently live your life. The experience is FREE for 7 days and then ONLY $27/Month (Cancel Anytime)
Who is the Fastifiers Lifestyle Experience for?
The Fastifiers Lifestyle Experience is for anybody seeking to burn body fat without calorie counting, using supplements or having to exercise!
  •  Somebody who is tired of YOYO DIETING over and over again...
  •  Somebody who is tired of being OVERWEIGHT...
  •  Somebody who is tired of STRESS EATING...
  •  Somebody who doesn't want their KIDS to follow the same path...
  •  Somebody who doesn't want to end up like lost LOVED ONES...
  •  Somebody who is tired of dealing with DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY...
  •  Somebody who is tired of relying on MEDICATION...
  •  Somebody who is tired of feeling UNCOMFORTABLE IN THEIR OWN SKIN...
  •  Somebody who doesn't want to put RELATIONSHIPS/MARRIAGE in jeopardy because of weight...
    If this doesn't sound like you then this experience IS NOT for you!
    How I lost 56Lbs in 90 Days Without Counting Calories, Using Supplements or Exercise...
    My name is Tyler "Fastifier" Clark. I have a passion when it comes to overall health and helping people completely take their lives back!

    In my life I struggled with stress eating, yoyo dieting and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin! My journey to get to where I am today has been a long and difficult one, but its shaped me into the expert thats capable of changing millions of lives.

    I was able to lose 56lbs of pure body fat in just 3 months without counting calories, using supplements or ever going to the gym! Many will say this is impossible, many will say you have to exercise, but the truth is "Nobody" truly knows how the body actually works and if they do, they don't want you to know about it... "It Doesn't Sell" $$$

    I used to think this same way during the days I dealt with depression and anxiety but after everything I've learned and put myself through, I now know exactly what nobody else wants to tell you.
    What is the Ketogenic Lifestyle and How Does It Work?
    The Ketogenic Lifestyle is eating high healthy fats, moderate protein and extremely low intake of carbohydrates.

    Through the restriction of carbohydrates, it re-programs your metabolism to burn your fat stores for fuel rather than using the glycogen stored in your muscles.

    Your body has two ways of burning fuel. Glycogen or Fats! With glucose it's like having a car thats gasoline tank only holds 20 gallons (2k Calories) compared to using a diesel truck that has 4k gallons (40k calories) Which one will win?

    When your body is in a state of ketosis it can immediately switch over to burning body fat as fuel (Every pound of body fat is 3500 calories), which you cannot do by burning glycogen.

    Using the Ketogenic Lifestyle is simply switching to your more efficient fuel source that we've never been educated on that existed.
    Ketogenic Lifestyle Benefits
    Reduces Risk of Chronic Diseases
    Brain Runs 75% More Efficiently
    Slows Down The Aging Process
    14 Days Without Food While Losing 22Lbs And No Regain Even After 5 Months...
    I love putting my body through tests and trials because I strive to be somebody who has lived it, instead of being somebody who has not but tries to coach.

    I also love going against popular belief because I've always told myself, if something is demonized so much there must be a motive behind it so lets try it!

    I was always told fasting is going to kill you, fasting will destroy your metabolism, fasting is a form of starvation... I used to believe these things, but then one day I realized fasting has no opportunity to sell you products, fasting will pull you off medication so then I had to try it!

    I went 14 days without food, I lost 22 pounds without regaining weight even after 5 months... During my journey I was never hungry, I had more energy than I ever thought possible, I was super focused and I had some of the happiest feelings in my life. Once I broke my fast, I realized I didn't need supplements, I didn't crave sugars and my natural energy and focus was the best I've ever felt!

    It made me think... If I have never felt this amazing in my entire life; why is fasting so demonized by society?
    What is Fasting and How Does It Work?
    Its simple, its how our bodies work and function! If you sleep 8 hours a night, guess what? You were fasting...

    If your body requires 2,000 calories of energy to operate at optimal levels, it will either get those calories from food or stored body fat. (Your body is ALWAYS eating, even when your NOT.)

    In a 24 hour period if you consume 2,000 calories and thats within 12 hours, then take 12 hours to burn off those calories (Fasting) which will give you balance.

    If you eat 2,000 calories in a 4 hour period and allow your body to fast for 20 hours. Your body will burn off the 2,000 calories and then access your stored body fat to burn as fuel instead of food.

    Fasting is simply the time frame your not eating to allow your body to burn stored body fat, heal and repair your entire body.
    "Cleans House"
    Increased HGH
    "Anti-Aging Effects"
    Increased BDMF
    "Grows Brain Cells"
    Mental Clarity
    Fixes Broken Digestive System
    Generates New Immune System
    Increased Stem Cell Regeneration
    Promotes Life Longevity
    The BIG LIE!!!
    The biggest moment I had in my life was realizing that I need to start dissecting the motives behind every fake fact!

    When somebody told me fasting would kill me, I researched who made money off fasting.... "No One"

    When somebody told me the Ketogenic Lifestyle wasn't sustainable and I would die of a heart attack, I researched who would lose money from keto? "Big Pharma"

    My dad was a type-2 diabetic and told me that his doctor said it "Runs in the family" and it's a condition he will live with forever. Today, he's no longer a diabetic because of the Ketogenic Lifestyle and by using Fasting... His doctor had to of been mad, he lost his monthly kickback subscription.
    Type-2 Diabetes
    High Blood Pressure
    Autoimmune Diseases
    Decreases The
    Risk Of Cancer
    Tired Of It! My Mission
    I was sick and tired of watching so many beautiful souls suffering and dying from problems that could naturally be reversed! I was sick to my stomach that even some doctors were the root cause of all of this!

    Then when people want to start, they are overloaded full of DANGEROUS lies that give them short term success but fail them with yoyo dieting in the long term.

    Even if they found the right information its confusing, overwhelming and DISCOURAGING!!!

    I knew it was time to share with the world the truth while simplifying it so much their 3rd grade child could learn it!

    It was time to create an experience that will change the lives of MILLIONS while coaching in such a way that even after just 30 days they could teach others to do the same without my guidance anymore.

    It's time to change the World, Save Lives and Make an impact so great that we can make a change in our society for generations!
    Dr. Jodi Nishida
    "Full Recommendation"
    My name is Jodi Nishida and I'm a Doctor of Pharmacy, certified in both Cardiovascular Disease Management and Ketogenic Nutrition. I've been in healthcare for 22 years and the Ketogenic space for 2 years. I believe strongly in the long term health benefits of the ketogenic lifestyle + intermittent fasting and live it everyday. The US population is a living, breathing example of what happens when you consume processed foods that are high in carbs, sugar, and inflammatory oils. I've had the privilege of speaking with Tyler Clark at length about both modalities and what they do for the human body. He is a wealth of knowledge. He and I both agree that our food industry has been leading us astray, our healthcare system is in shambles behind the scenes, and the pharmaceutical companies have been profiting on a lot of misinformation. Tyler Clark is compassionate, inspiring, educated, and genuine. He embodies the spark that we need in this new healthcare movement based in and on TRUTH. Let's turn this tragedy around and get beyond it, to our optimal state of health, one patient at a time.  
    Here Are Just A Few Testimonials
    Meet Jamie Titus... Jamie changed her life forever, in just 30 days! She lost 20+ pounds without counting calories, without buying products and without ever going to the gym...
    I Know What You Must Be Thinking...
    • "This is probably just another one of those fad diets, isn't it?"...
    No way! In fact, people have been using Keto for its many health benefits since the 1920s! (9)

    Not only is it used for all the benefits listed above (and MORE!), but it’s also used to minimize complications resulting from: Epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer!

    Keto is popular for a reason, and that's because it's not just a diet, it's a healthy lifestyle change that literally changes you from the inside out!
    • "Isn't Keto just another name for the Atkins Diet?"...
    Not at all! This is a common misconception. The Atkins diet is simply low carb, whereas Keto is low carb and high fat. Just lowering your carb intake alone will not get you into nutritional Ketosis. It is the increase in fat consumption that switches your body’s fuel source from glucose to fats.
    • "I've tried so many other diets before, will this work for me and my crazy schedule?"...
    Absolutely! I've had so many people who have bounced around from diet to diet to the point that they've almost lost hope, but once they try my program they see incredible results and fall in love with the Keto lifestyle and Fasting protocols!

    Once you get started, you'll find yourself more well-rested, energetic, and due to the high concentration of healthy fats, you'll stay fuller longer, which will save you time and money! 

    It's time to break the cycle, here and now! If you try out the Fastifier Lifestyle Experience and stick it out to the end, I promise you'll see the results you're looking for!
    • "How am I going to stick with it? What if I fall off the wagon?"...
    I can't put in the work for you, but I designed this program with the Keto "Beginner" in mind. Inside the the Fastifier Lifestyle Experience you'll find several helpful tips to help you get back on track and maintain your new healthy lifestyle if you ever slip up or hit one of those pesky plateaus.

    Remember, LIFE HAPPENS. We're all human and sometimes we slip up, and that's totally okay!
    • "I have bad cravings. Will Keto help with that?"...
    Yes, the combination of high amounts of fat and cutting out dietary sugars will keep you satiated longer and help you conquer those pesky cravings for good. Plus you'll notice that by adding in fasting the right way it'll get rid of them faster!
    • Won't I be Starving Doing Fasting?
    This is a misconception because people need you eating to make money. It's actually the opposite!

    Your body is eating your body fat, so its defiantly not starving. Most of us having plenty of body fat for our bodies to eat.

    When you get used to it which doesn't take long at all, you'll notice how your never hungry and when you are its because your thirsty for more water, not because your hungry.
    • Doesn't Fasting Break Your Metabolism?
    Not at all! What breaks your metabolism is restricting your calories. They told us to eat 6 meals a day and every 2-3 hours and be in a calorie deficit. They said us being hungry was our metabolism on fire, BIGGEST LIE EVER! It's your body saying your actually hungry...

    By doing that you are slowing your metabolism at records speeds! This is why you see fitness pros alway regain there weight after competitions or ever why there was never a reunion show after the biggest loser.

    By fasting your body is able to do all the calculating for you, balance out how much it needs to eat (Body fat consumption) and rev up your metabolism at optimal levels.
    Are You Ready To Become A Fat Burning Machine?
    FREE for 7 Days then ONLY $27/month
    No Hidden Fees. No Contracts.
    30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
    *Please keep in mind that results may vary from person to person.
    Fastifier Lifestyle Experience FAQ
    • When I purchase The Fastifier Lifestyle Experience, how will it be delivered to me?
     The Fastifier Lifestyle Experience is a digital product that will be sent to you in PDF form. When you purchase the experience, you will be able to access the experience area from the Order Confirmation page. You will also be sent an email containing the access link, tutorial guide and fastifier certification.
    • How does the Ketogenic Diet provide so many health benefits?
         By effectively switching your body’s fuel source from glucose to ketones (produced by the breakdown of fats), your blood sugar and insulin levels are reduced, and your good cholesterol (HDL) levels are increased. These factors, combined with the fact that fats are a much more efficient fuel source than glucose, are what give Keto the potential to increase energy levels, keep you fuller longer, kill cravings, increase mental clarity and focus, help you shed unwanted weight, improve digestion, clear up your skin, alleviate blood sugar irregularities, and MORE!
    • Is Keto gluten free?
    Yes, due to the avoidance of carbohydrates that Keto calls for, it is 100% gluten free!
    • What if I’m not a fan of some of the items in the meal plan?
    Perfectly fine... We update a new meal plan each and every week. You also will have all access to all previous meal plans that you can use as well.
    • I’m interested in trying out the experience, but I have an existing health condition. Is it safe?
    If you have type 1 diabetes, a kidney disease, or are pregnant/breast feeding, it is best to consult your healthcare provider before trying out The Fastifier Lifestyle Experience...
    • "I have bad cravings. Will Keto and Fasting help with that?"...
     Yes, the combination of high amounts of fat, cutting out dietary sugars and fasting will keep you satiated longer and help you conquer those pesky cravings for good.
    • I thought you had to exercise to lose weight?
     Have you ever heard the term "Fat Athlete" Have you ever wondered how you can be an athlete and be fat? It's because exercise has nothing to do with weight loss.

    You will absolutely need to cut out the typical foods you would normally eat that prepare you for long-distance or high-intensity training (also known as "carbo-loading"). Those will directly conflict with your weight loss goals. When cutting out those foods like rice, pasta, breads, cereals, oatmeal, etc., and eating only FASTIFIER approved foods, you might notice your athletic performance will temporarily dip while your body adjusts to burning ketones (fat) instead of glucose (sugar/carbs).

    However, if you continue eating FASTIFIER foods you will notice that you will become an even better athlete! You will loose weight and body fat and eventually perform better athletically.
    • I am a Vegan/Vegetarian. Can I still do it?
     YES! We have had many many FASTIFIERS who have successfully lost weight/feel great eating vegan/vegetarian. You will need to reach out for help (we are here for you) if you need assistance. We love our plant-based clients! Just find us in the support section of your experience area.
    • What if I need help and just can't figure it out?
    Completely fine, you will have access to our support team at any time. In the experience section all you have to do is click support, and then you can easily type a question and if the help desk cannot find your answer; you simply submit a ticket to us or just chat with us live if we are online. We are here to serve you.
    "Fastifier Lifestyle experience"

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